From the President's desk 

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) is an Engineering, science, technology and management school system in India comprising thirty autonomous universities located in one each major state/territory of India. Since their inception decades ago, all NITs were referred as Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs) and were governed by their respective state governments. A parliamentary legislation in 2002 brought them under the direct purview of India's federal government. In 2007, through another legislation, the Indian government declared these schools as Institutes of National Importance at par with the Indian Institutes of Technology. 

NITs were founded to promote regional diversity and multi-cultural understanding in India. NITs offer degree courses at bachelors, masters, and doctorate levels in various branches of engineering and technology. 

We all recall NIT days as one of the best experiences in our life. Students from the length and breadth of India and neighboring countries co-existed under one roof sharing their cultures and values. The camaraderie developed during those 4-5 years, is so strong that even after decades when we meet a fellow NITian, an instant bond is developed. It is this special bonding that resulted in the formation of the Pan NIT Alumni Association Middle East in early 2011 by a core group of 6 likeminded NITians! The group has grown to over 1500 members in less than 15 months! And still growing everyday..... Thanks to all of you who made this possible with your untiring efforts, dedication & passion. 

Pan NIT Alumni Association ME is an active member of ICWC (Indian Community Welfare Committee) under the Consulate General of India, Dubai. 

After the success of "NIT Moments 2011" and "TechFest 2011", Pan NIT is pleased to present "NIT Moments 2012" first Anniversary on 27th April 2012 (Friday) at The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, Dubai. This is a major step towards bringing NIT fraternity from across the world together! 

Sharing the vision of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to promote India as a global leader in Science & technology, the Pan NIT Alumni Association aims to "Promote the NIT Brand in the Region as well as bring together the alumni and their families into a close knit group by networking, knowledge/skills sharing & community welfare activities". 

With an enthusiastic leadership team, I am sure, we will see much greater heights in the years to come. 

Warm regards! 

Mr. K.J.Jose, NIT Bhopal, 1980